Cosmo Photo Fest

The beauty of the cosmos is given not only by unity in variety, but also by variety in unity


In 2024, the city of Colleferro will host the first edition of the international photography festival entitled COSMO -photography between science and art.The festival is promoted and organised by Centro Sperimentale di FotografiaAdams Centro Sperimentale di FotografiaAdams (C.S.F. Adams) announces a call for entry for Italian and foreign photographers who wish to exhibit their photographic work at the international festival.


(William Gibson)

Starting from this observation given by the famous writer, this section will host photographic narratives that question the present, particularly focusing on the relationship between the human being and technology, science, and science-fiction.A difficulty that floats between numerosity and correctness, a space defined by the measure of our own sight, where everything must be filtered, reinvented, rewritten, relocated, reformed. Images that scout confluences, hybridisations,interchanges, interferences, divisions, and connections. It is within these spaces, within these places that the future of science-fictionfinds its home.

Deadline 14th april 2024
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