Alessandro Bavari

"Cronache quantistiche dall'universo della porta accanto"

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Unknown Quantum Objects

It is believed that the presence of additional dimensions, beyond the three established space-time dimensions, could provide an explanation for some key issues of the universe, such as gravity and the unification of fundamental forces.

This is a field still under active research and study in quantum physics and advanced mathematics, with an even more complex level of structure and connections, and it could be involved in physical processes or concepts that go beyond our current understanding.

Ultimately, these are theoretical and speculative concepts that require a leap of imagination and a very high level of abstraction, beyond the limits of our direct experience.

Among the currently hypothesized 64 dimensions, 24 have been observed.

The remaining 40dimensions are presumably never to be understood and decoded, as they are considered well beyond extreme relativity. Although each observer’s experience will never be objective, this first block is the experimental result of the macroscopic analysis of 9 of these 24 dimensions.


Alessandro Bavari is an Italian-French artist, a graduate of the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome. Since childhood, he has been drawn to photography, painting, and music, experimenting with various painting techniques over time and exploring photography as an expressive medium alongside other disciplines, blending them together.

Recognized as one of the pioneers of digital art and a prominent figure in contemporary surrealism, he developed his own digital artistic language over the years, delving into it as an additional research discipline in 1993. In 2011, he won the Golden Nica at the Prix Ars Electronica with “Metachaos,” receiving the first prize for the best animation.

It was this futuristic video that led Alessandro to be contacted in 2017 by 20th Century Fox as a concept artist for the film “Alien: Covenant,” receivinga direct call from Sir Ridley Scott. He continues to work as an art director in cinema, collaborating with directors such as Gabriele Lavia and Luca Guadagnino, as well as serving as a concept artist and artdirector in the field of video games.

In addition to the Golden Nica, he has accumulated various awards, including the “Digital Hall of Fame Award” at the 3D Festival Awards in Copenhagen, the “Photo-realistic images” award at the Adobe “The Power of Design -European Competition” in London, the “2001 International Digital Art Award” in Australia, and further recognition at the Clio Awards, One Show Awards, Art Director Club Awards, and many more. He also works actively as a freelance professional in advertising, collaborating with agencies such as BBDO, M&C Saatchi, 1861 United, Pentamark, Leagas Delaney, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather, Armando Testa, Alpha Omega, Doing, The Name, Humans, and others, producing campaigns for companies such as Mercedes, Yamaha, BMW, Husqvarna, Renault, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Pirelli, Trelleborg, Samsung, Chrysler, Sky TV, Telecom, Enel, Leroy Merlin, and many more.

A versatile artist, he resides in Italy, working as a visual artist, painter, photographer, art director, and musician. Currently, he is collaborating with co-author Sara Aliscioni on the upcoming book “Kill the Covid!”, a photographic horror mockumentary set in rural Italy, faithful to his artistic style and dreamlike and provocative visions.

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