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Placing your eyes on a microscope is like boarding a space shuttle. A moment to regain balance and focus, and you are ready to explore other worlds. Nature, whether in the vastness of cosmic spaces or in the infinitely small, is equally generous with scenarios, colors, and surprises. The images presented, captured with a standard optical microscope, are not the result of computer processing. Various microscopy techniques were used for the photo production, but without any digital manipulation. Deliberately, technical-scientific details and, above all, “titles” have been omitted. The intention was to showcase the images for what they are, decontextualized from a scientific context, without losing any of their charm derived from the forms and colors of nature.



At64 years old, Michele Marinucci, a biologist by profession, has always had a profound love for life in all its manifestations. For over 50 years, he has also been passionate about photography, considering it both a tool and an illusory means to counter the inexorable passage of time. The convergence of biology, chemistry, and photography was inevitable. These images aim to serve as inspiration, a reflection on what nature is capable of giving tous.