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The Collages of Katia Rossi

What does the technique of collage teach us? It is encapsulated in a dual process of deconstruction and reconstruction. First, the artist selects a set of heterogeneous images and materials from reality. Her gaze captures details and is captivated by forms. Then the hand, armed with scissors, cuts and extracts. The scattered pieces of a reality that no longer make sense accumulate but are recharged with new potentialities. The artist then contemplates the identified forms once again, elevated by her gaze asdiscoveries. The choice is made, the artist appropriates a support and begins to assemble the pieces of this model-less puzzle. She relates, finds connections, gets excited about dissonances, juxtaposes and overlays, covers and uncovers. The glue becomes her tool, eventhoughinvisible in the final result.Fragments of reality, torn from their universe, are inserted with their history, their original properties, into a mobile structure that reconfigures them.Key words of Katia Rossi’s artistic work:

Recovery –  Reformulation –  Resemanticization –  Rebirth

It is an operation similar to dismantling a frog and forming with its isolated organs a butterfly, or a lamp, or a locomotive, or an object that simultaneously recalls a butterfly, lamp, and locomotive.The starting material for Katia’s photomontage is extracted from material already in circulation, discarded due to aging, abandonment, error; mostly scraps from the photographic process; expired papers, poorly exposed papers, stained, incorrectly developed proofs, irreparably compromised negatives.

Therefore, pre-existing material, mostly destined to inhabit only the landfill.Katia skillfully manipulates these photographic images, giving them a different form, producing thought different from the purpose for which they were originally created.

The artist who consciously chooses to express herself through the fragmented and multifaceted language of collage creates combined images in service of a mocking yet profoundly emotional worldview, embracing the fragmentation of images competingfor the space of representation. She plays with the dynamic effect of their composition, where the sense of the plane, scale, and space are constantly called into question.The final work transcends the sum of its constituent singularities.

The artist, a skillful demiurge, recovers, reformulates, and resemanticizes the material in a dynamic and layered style, giving it a new possibility.Katia becomes the creator of a new rebirth.

Gabriele Agostini



lives in Porto Recanati and works as a professional educator. An artist, natureand recyclingenthusiast, she initially experimented with analogicalcollage as an educational tool and later as a form of expression.

The materials she uses are diverse: newspaper clippings, magazines, fabric, and driftwood. The guiding concept of her work is the repurposing of material considered unusable, offering it a new possibility.

Fragments taken and recomposed in the collage transform into something else, giving life to a new world. Over time, she has had numerous national and international exhibitions and received various recognitions.

In 2019, she won the Premio Nazionaled’Arte CittàdiNovara, and in 2021, she received the Premio Fabrizio De Andrè in the Painting Section.

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